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Harvest  Festival  Supper

Sale of tickets to this year's supper has now finished. To those who have booked tickets for the supper, please remember to bring your own drink and glasses!

A letter from the Assistant Curate

Dear Friends,

It is often said that religion and politics are two taboo subjects when it comes to polite conversations. It is true, we can come at these topics with a resolute viewpoint in mind that, if we are not careful, will alienate others to whom we are speaking. However, we will all have a viewpoint to offer, even if it is just indifference, and perhaps what has creeped into our politics and society in general, as well as many of our conversations, is a sense of tribalism and division. It is ‘us and them’, ‘me and you’, rather than a ‘we-together’.

As I write this, I am mindful of a recent open letter many Bishops in the Church of England have signed. This calls for national reconciliation and a recovery of civil debate. The text of the letter may be found at

Earlier this week, our Diocesan Bishop, Stephen Cottrell, was interviewed on Sunday Morning Live (broadcast 1 September). In it, Bishop Stephen describes politics and religion as both being concerned about the whole of our lives. Indeed, our political views are influenced by our moral, ethical and social values which inevitably will be influenced by our religious views. Did you know our constitution gives 26 seats in the House of Lords to Church of England Bishops as ‘Lords Spiritual’? Rather than being taboo subjects, perhaps religion and politics should be everyday topics of our talking together, with a good measure of understanding, tolerance and compassion to temper our differences of course!

Just getting a showing in our news bulletins (early September) has been the plight of the communities that suffered at the hands of Hurricane Dorian. There are many grieving, troubled and homeless families in the Caribbean (and, incidentally elsewhere in the world and in the UK), who deserve more of our attention and care than they are getting. Our Harvest Festival services this month, as well as giving thanks for gathered crops, will focus on Uttlesford Food Bank too and the service they provide. You are welcome to join us. Jesus came to bring good news to the poor and freedom to the oppressed (Luke chapter 4, verse 18). Let us work together through good dialogue and respect, for the common good of all, at home and abroad.

Best wishes,

Revd John Saxon