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Virginia Chapman

     Virginia's funeral will take place on Friday 7th February 2020 at 11.00 am


A letter from the Assistant Curate

Dear Friends

As I write this in early November, I am very much aware that Christmas is coming. I have recently seen decorated Christmas trees, not just in shops to be sold but in windows of homes and offices! The winter solstice is not until later in December, so the dark nights continue to lengthen for a while yet. But the Christmas season of Light and Hope is on the horizon.

No-one can deny 2019 has been a difficult and challenging year. There have been various tragedies hitting our headlines all too frequently, not least due to the greed and power of the strong over the weak. Our politics and government have continued to struggle to deal with Brexit and the imminent election does not guarantee any better progress. It may seem that it is not just the lengthening nights that are bringing darkness to our nation and indeed world.

The liturgical season of Advent beginning early December, heralds a season of expectant waiting. It is not just waiting for Christmas to come, when the birthday celebrations remember the incarnation of God in the baby Jesus. It is looking further forward to the time when all darkness is to be banished and all things made new as Jesus returns to right wrongs and restore order and love. Jesus came as a light in the darkness, as the prologue of John’s Gospel (chapter 1) proclaims in this well-known passage of scripture often read at Christmas. No matter how dark we feel things are, the Christian hope in Jesus is that the Light will come and overcome the darkness.

However you celebrate Christmas this year, with all from the church, we hope and pray it may shine a little light into any darkness this year may have brought for you. Do come and join us for our Christmas worship services; be assured of a warm welcome as we look and pray for renewed hope and celebrate that the Light of the World has come. Details of our services are on our website Whatever 2020 brings for you, may you find Light in places of darkness, Hope in places of despair and Love in all that you do.

Wishing you every blessing of the season,

Revd John Saxon