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Dear Friends

Like many of us, I like to watch the news bulletins.  Thankfully, in recent days, other items of news now gets reported beside the pandemic.  Unfortunately as I write this, there are many protests come riots showing outrage and heartfelt emotion at the recent death of George Floyd in America at the hands of police officers.  Black lives do matter, as does every life, and one wonders how many more will be lost until we come as nations of the world to live as one.

I am reminded of a 2017 film I have watched – The Same Kind of Difference as Me.  This is the story of an American white couple rebuilding their marriage when working in a mission project for homeless people.  They love an angry and violent black man to form a friendship and trust between the three of them that begins to change not just themselves but their town also.  Of course, the couple’s love for one another is rekindled too.  It is well worth a watch.  The title for the film (based on true life events) comes from words the black man says ‘I thought I was different, but I have come to realise that everybody is different – the same kind of difference as me.’

This is a profound truth.  My wife Dawn is struggling with a rather complex jigsaw and finding she is having to re-position some pieces to make sure it fits altogether.  Lots of pieces look the same but each has their unique place to make the perfect whole.  That is the reality in our world too.  We may look the same or look very different.  In essence, though, we are all different but destined to fit well together in our global community.

This was the hope of the early church, although imperfect then as now there are still divisions.  It is a recurring theme in the teaching of the Apostle Paul.  For example, he said to the church in Galatia, ‘There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.’ (Galatians 3v28).  God’s love is for all and so should ours be. 

I wonder if we can begin to see what is the same in each other.  See that we have the same needs, hopes and dreams, rather than just see our differences.  After all, everybody is different, the same kind of difference as me.

If we meet on a walk around the villages, probably with my cairn terrier in tow, do say hello.  It has been lovely to meet people this way, particularly during our exercise walks.  It would be good share differences.

Best wishes


Revd John Saxon