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A letter from the Assistant Curate

Dear Friends

The Easter season in church comes to a close with Ascension Day (30 May this year) and then ten days later Pentecost (9 June). These days respectively mark the ascension of Jesus up to heaven and the gift of the Holy Spirit to the disciples and what is now thought of as the birth of the church. For the inbetween days we find the disciples waiting in an upper room and meeting together and praying. This is recorded for us in the beginning chapter of the Acts of the Apostles. Three years ago, for the days between Ascension and Pentecost, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York encouraged the church to gather in groups, small or large, and as individuals to pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come.’ You may recognise this phrase from the Lord’s Prayer and it has become the name of a global movement of prayer that happens every year at this time. We are carrying on from those original disciples and seeking the blessings of God’s Kingdom for our family, friends, community, nation and world.

I thoroughly enjoy my work and feel privileged to have opportunity to pray with people. Recently I was encouraged with answers to prayer for two people. A few weeks ago I briefly prayed for one person who was considering a job move. That person was really excited to tell me when we met some time later how a job vacancy was brought to their attention the very next day. The job was a significant promotion and had a large number of applications and a ‘very thorough’ interview process. The person however, did sense a ‘God given’ excitement for the job and a feeling of ‘rightness’ about the opportunity. Being offered the position seemed like an answer to the prayer that was initially offered. Another person I had prayed for in the context of our intercessions in a Sunday service testified to the peace and calm she had undergoing treatment at hospital. On previous occasions, they had been very nervous and anxious for similar treatment but, as they believe, in answer to prayer, it was not the case this time.

The church has offered before and I would like to offer again, we would gladly include any needs in our prayers during services or if preferred more privately. Please contact me or someone you may know from church and share your concerns and requests. We need to respect privacy so please only make requests on your own behalf or with permission.

In this season of Ascension and Pentecost I invite you to join with us in our hope for a better world and pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come.’ Praying the Lord’s prayer everyday is a good start.

Every blessing,

Revd John Saxon